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These results reflect the latest submissions based on all 30 scan pairs. For results from the initial phase and live workshop, please see here

This page was last updated on 22 Sep 2016. All rankings are subject to change when any score is updated.

For more information about how scores and ranks are computed please see here.

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Lung Boundaries Fissures Landmarks Folding Overall
Team Name Avg Score Avg Rank Avg Score Avg Rank Avg Score Avg Rank Avg Score Avg Rank Avg Rank Placed Last Update Method Type
Lübeck dis+co Sep 2016Fully Auto
picsl gsyn 0.009.630.0710.800.667.280.0015.2610.74230 Sep 2010Fully Auto
CMS 0.0012.710.1010.880.605.010.0014.8610.87318 Oct 2010Fully Auto
antsRegistration B-spline SyN 0.0010.800.0812.060.686.250.0015.6111.1847 Jan 2014Fully Auto
MetaReg (ANTNifElx) 0.0011.960.1714.330.635.660.0014.8611.7054 Jan 2013Fully Auto
MIC + Fraunhofer MEVIS Lübeck 0.0012.500.1211.960.7210.160.0014.8612.37619 Feb 2012Fully Auto
ISI@UMCU 0.008.730.3514.730.8312.000.0017.8113.32727 Oct 2010Fully Auto
deeds+MIND 0.0019.260.0813.360.627.230.0014.8613.68814 Jun 2013Fully Auto
Nifty Reggers 0.0011.730.2714.930.7914.130.0014.8613.91930 Sep 2010Fully Auto
elastix_smooth 0.0019.900.3114.080.726.710.0017.7814.621026 Nov 2010Fully Auto
IMI Lübeck Diffeomorph 0.0016.000.3513.100.9513.380.0017.2014.921130 Sep 2010Fully Auto
Iowa sstvd ssvmd Laplacian 0.0715.650.2216.002.2114.100.0015.4515.301230 Sep 2010Fully Auto
elastix 0.0015.830.4916.180.9210.700.0122.8316.38138 Oct 2010Fully Auto
Philips Research 0.0016.230.5718.661.1717.900.0015.6617.111430 Sep 2010Fully Auto
picsl exp 0.0011.110.4316.961.2019.860.0022.9317.72157 Oct 2010Fully Auto
antsRegistration Gaussian SyN 0.0014.510.4121.701.0517.200.0017.8617.82167 Jan 2014Fully Auto
Asclepios1 0.0116.481.2420.292.3220.290.0014.8617.981730 Sep 2010Fully Auto
DIRBoost(DROP) 0.0013.010.3822.751.2722.360.0014.8618.251814 Sep 2013Fully Auto
MRF Correspondence Fields 0.0526.260.0411.700.7011.130.0427.1819.071929 Feb 2016Fully Auto
MGH 0.0218.680.7417.932.4423.830.5415.8519.072030 Sep 2010Semi Auto(2)
Robust TreeReg Leuven 0.0018.830.5118.231.3924.030.0016.0019.272130 Sep 2010Fully Auto
DROP 0.0013.952.4124.652.4420.530.0018.9819.522227 Nov 2010Fully Auto
Spline MIRIT Leuven 0.0019.210.6218.461.4724.630.0016.0419.592330 Sep 2010Fully Auto
Lyon FFD 0.0020.710.5018.861.5122.960.0417.4520.002430 Sep 2010Fully Auto
Asclepios2 0.2028.050.3917.961.1822.760.0014.8620.912530 Sep 2010Fully Auto
HPC 0.0527.100.1815.931.2019.290.0923.0521.34265 Jun 2015Fully Auto
DIKU 0.0525.101.0822.252.1827.400.0015.3822.532730 Sep 2010Fully Auto
KCL lreg 0.0122.681.2724.211.9129.260.0014.8622.75286 Jan 2011Fully Auto
IMI Lübeck Feature based 0.0015.550.8728.482.0129.760.0019.3323.28297 Oct 2010Fully Auto
Oxford Flow Discontinuity Preserving 0.0124.331.9421.301.8722.400.1634.3825.603030 Sep 2010Fully Auto
PVG 0.7032.000.5723.401.6020.560.5432.0627.00315 Oct 2010Fully Auto
3-EMI LTSI 0.5832.152.6829.633.4932.360.0014.8627.25322 Oct 2011Auto
Physiology Registration 0.0925.763.6633.666.5936.160.0617.2128.20335 Mar 2013Semi Auto (30)
ICG LBI Graz Anisotropic Optical Flow 0.0225.003.5826.405.2427.502.7338.3429.31345 Oct 2010Fully Auto
NParBR 1.9734.582.5531.315.0334.800.1234.8333.883513 Jul 2015Fully Auto
UofA vision 0.5731.533.1932.535.3431.404.5540.9334.093614 Feb 2014Fully Auto
Brno 3.3634.061.8929.917.1334.061.4339.0634.273718 Feb 2015Fully Auto
AMC_MIRL 0.9637.401.3227.663.4031.533.6340.7334.333820 Apr 2016Fully Auto
Imperial LBReg 10.9641.368.2837.4817.3740.930.0018.0334.45392 Sep 2012Fully Auto
PIT 1.7433.514.6237.1516.2438.460.8731.2335.094010 Jul 2013Fully Auto
Oxford Elastic Constraints 0.1835.558.1538.5513.6539.380.2133.0836.644127 Oct 2010Semi Auto(2)
Oxford Elastic 0.2235.418.3039.7514.5040.250.1331.8136.804222 Oct 2010Fully Auto
Team Name Avg Score Avg Rank Avg Score Avg Rank Avg Score Avg Rank Avg Score Avg Rank Avg Rank Placed Last Update Method Type
Lung Boundaries Fissures Landmarks Folding Overall

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