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Submit your results

Submission of results files must be done by sftp using one of the servers listed below. Please contact keelin@isi.uu.nl when you wish to submit your results and you will be given a unique username and password which will work on either server.

Please note that your submission must be in the format described on the details page.

Due to the size of the files being submitted it is recommended to package them using the packageEmpire10 program available from the download page. This reduces the content of the files, excluding what is not necessary for evaluation, and thus reduces the data size substantially. Please remember also to submit a pdf document describing your method - see the details page for additional information.

Server Details

Option 1

Server Location: Utrecht, the Netherlands
Server Protocol: SFTP
Server hostname: empire10.isi.uu.nl

Option 2

Server Location: Iowa, USA
Server Protocol: SFTP
Server hostname: empire10.ecn.uiowa.edu

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